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    L C.: (Via Yelp)

    Ed did a great job! I needed someone to redo a sewer line that a previous plumber had screwed up. I don’t live in Denver but have property there. I obtained 3 estimates and both my managers and myself agreed that Ed was the most suited for the job; not only did he explain his rational for the work he saw necessary but he also charged significantly less the the other sewer guys and did a lot more. He even made the yard look better than it had prior to the initial damage. He impressed us with his professionalism stating a permit was necessary, which we knew was required, despite others stating they could get away with not getting one. He expedited the process for us. The inspector told us he is one of the best sewer guys in the Denver area. Everything was done right this time! He stood by his original estimate even though he found more damage when he and his men were actually making the repairs. He was honest, reliable and did a great job. I highly recommend him.

    Sue D: (Via Yelp)

    Ed replied quickly to my initial phone call. Quote was fair and slightly less than another quote. They happened to have a postponement so work started the same week. The crew were great….. friendly, informative, and efficient! They were considerate of my belongings in the yard. My yard was returned to good condition when the work was done. Ed took the time to notify my neighbors of the work in the alley that may affect their access to their garage and did everything to ensure they weren’t too inconvienced. Appreciate Ed and his team’s communication, friendliness, and expertise. I would highly recommend this company! Five stars!